Our Begging Tradition

Saint Jeanne Jugan was totally confident that as the elderly poor came to her door seeking shelter, God would provide the means to be able to feed and clothe them. Her complete trust in Divine Providence, manifested through the generosity of people she approached in her need, was rewarded by a limitless number of new friends supporting her work with the poor. She did not shy away from ways to communicate her intention when she found herself in different towns, first securing the permission of the mayor of each town, and the publicity offered by newspaper articles introducing her work to the public.

Today the collecting continues the work of seeking aid for the maintenance of our homes. You can see the Little Sisters still going to the marketplaces and warehouses picking up food for us to prepare and serve to our elderly Residents. We also visit various businesses and distributors during the week, who provide support with much-needed items, such as office supplies, cleaning supplies and printing needs that assist greatly in the general daily operation of our home. On the weekends, we seek financial assistance visiting the nearby churches and presenting our needs to the parishioners.

In the words of Saint Jeanne Jugan, “God will help us; the work is his.” All in all, this is God’s work, and we are the instruments; whether we are those who give, or those who ask, so that the elderly in our care receive what they need to live their last years with dignity and security, in comfort and peace.

Blessed be God for His goodness! Now and always!

Please click here for our wish list of much-needed items (PDF)

If you are interested in becoming part of our family at the service of the Elderly, please contact Sr. Cecilia Michael at twcommunity@littlesistersofthepoor.org ,
(please type “Sr. Cecilia Michael” in the subject line)
or call 973-942-0300.