Meet Our Family

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“Loving and serving God, caring for our elderly Residents, and maintaining our large Home are priorities for the Little Sisters and all who are involved in our work. I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you, our good friends, for all that you do to help us. The Sisters and Residents pray each day, many times throughout the day for the intentions of our benefactors. We hope you can feel our prayerful gratitude.”

Mother Margaret Charles (with Resident Naomi Levine)

Joseph and Rosemary Wrobel have been a part of St. Joseph’s Home for many years.  Joseph has known the Little Sisters since 1970.  Since February of 2009, he continues to be a faithful and dedicated employee who works at the Reception desk greeting Residents’ family, friends and guests. Joe likes helping the Residents…“Some of the Residents depend on me to take them shopping.” Rosemary has known the Little Sisters since she was 10 years old!  “Sometimes in the evenings, I play card games with the Residents in the coffee shop. Also, helping with the church visits and driving the Sisters to places they need to go, is very gratifying.” Both Joseph and Rosemary are members of the Association Jeanne Jugan.  In addition, they also give of their time serving our Residents at special celebrations, assisting with Saturday BINGO games and working on the Basket Bonanza.

Rosemary Wrobel, Resident- James Fitzsimmons, Joseph Wrobel

“I feel very blessed volunteering here at St. Joseph’s Home.  The Residents, Sisters and Staff make volunteering here very joyful, delightful and most special.  I hope and pray that I impart some of the joy and love that I receive from everyone.”

Grace Dau - Volunteer

“We have activities, trips if you are interested, and arts and crafts! What I enjoy most are the friendships. You meet people and you don’t have to constantly be together to have a friend to talk to. When you are together there is the feeling, ‘I’m glad to see you, and you are glad to see me!’ ”

Maryann Yaroslowski – Resident

“I met the Little Sisters of the Poor at a church collection.  That meeting led me to St. Joseph’s Home, where I became a regular volunteer and an Association Jeanne Jugan member.  I was, and continue to be, inspired by the love, caring and devotion to the elderly that I observed in the long-term A.J.J. Members.”

Dorothy T. Hofmann - A.J.J. member and Volunteer

“As a proud employee of the Little Sisters of the Poor, I must express that my experience working as a Housekeeping Porter for three years is absolutely tremendous! Our wonderful Sisters eliminate the pressure of work and thus create a family-oriented environment filled with love, compassion and high standard of professionalism.”

Dalton Gardner - Housekeeping

“One of the greatest privileges that we Little Sisters have is being able to make a loving home for, and care for our retired priests.  They have given their lives to shepherd the flock of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  Now Jesus allows us to provide for them.”

Sr. Clare de St. Jean Baptiste

“Being a priest, I have been spiritually involved all my life and enjoy the religious attitude at St. Joseph’s Home. I like my daily Mass. The Little Sisters are very kind and thoughtful.”

Monsignor Martin Kelly - Resident

“I was inspired by the Little Sisters’ devotion to serve the elderly.  Visiting the Residents has been a real delight and has given me greater compassion for the young and the old.  I have been pleased to see how happy the Residents are here, and have enjoyed their friendship and support for our vocations.”

Zack Swantek - Visiting Seminarian from Seton Hall University

“I would like to thank the Sisters, Residents and Staff who have welcomed me into their Home this past year. Your knowledge, faith, kindness and patience have made my first year as a nurse here so rewarding.  It has been a privilege to be part of a team that works so well together to help, serve and protect our Residents. The spirit of Saint Jeanne Jugan is alive in St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly.”

Katherine Santo, RN