Meet Our Family

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Our Residents enjoy keeping themselves busy. Barbara Mahler is a retired bookkeeper and sought meaningful work and to be of service. So she took on the task of organizing and recording the entire contents of our library. Using her computer skills, she created a searchable database and print catalog making it easy for everyone to find books, cds and movies. Milada Solej, a keen organizer herself, offered to help and thus a great team was formed. Now they both are bookkeepers of a different sort!

If you would like to read Barbara’s poem about their adventure in the library, click here>>

In an effort to raise funds for our Home, mailings are sent out soliciting donations and announcing fund raising events. We have a team of Residents who label and stuff the envelopes for each mailing, usually in the many thousands of pieces. During the busiest times, Volunteers come in as well.

Pictured from left to right are Residents John Armagno, Cathy Payne, Milada Solej, Faye Kennedy and Lizzie from housekeeping who stopped in to say hi.

Ask Mary Ulrich how she feels about being a Resident at St. Joseph’s Home and she’ll reply, “living here is a joy!” Since Mary came to live here she has found so many things to do, as she explains, “I feel so useful, I fell such joy being able to help and do things for others.” At 92 Mary is still a talented musician and she brings joy to others through music. Each morning Mary plays the baby grand piano in the main dining room and several afternoons a week, she entertains the Residents in the sitting rooms on the skilled nursing floor. Mary even dresses up, in her own costume, as Mrs. Santa Claus and plays Christmas songs during our Christmas Craft and Bake Sale. She feels that God meant her to be at St. Joseph’s because He still had “things” for her to do.