The original and continued purpose of the Auxiliary, founded in 1910 by the late Mrs. John P. Agnew, has been to give financial aid to the Good Sisters. Their self-sacrifice and dedication is their gift to God, and the work of each Auxiliary Member is their sharing in this dedication. A member joins only because she wants to help and because the cause is well worth every effort she may make.

A record of over 100 years of successful achievement is enviable, particularly since it has been arrived at in such a friendly and amicable environment by members both living and deceased.

May we continue to carry out the work so nobly begun so long ago.

The Auxiliary begins each meeting with the following Prayer, which express the devotion shared by its members:

May the power of the Father
Govern and protect us;
May the wisdom of the Son
Teach and enlighten us;
May the love of the Holy Spirit
Renew and quicken us;
May the blessing of the all Holy Trinity
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Be with us now and forever more.

St. Joseph, Protector of the Little Sisters,
Pray for us.


Share in their mission of aiding the Little Sisters!  If you would like to become a member of the Auxiliary of the Little Sisters of the Poor, please contact our Development Department at


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